Joint Pain Treatment In Devon

Pain in the joints has a variety of causes, including pain from overuse during everyday activities, prolonged poor posture or arthritis. You may be suffering with pain in a large joint such as a hip or knee, or one of the smaller joints in your body. Your chiropractor will be able to provide treatment for any of these issues. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A chiropractor is a regulated healthcare professional who takes a person centred approach when helping people who are having problems with their joints, muscles and nerves. This is likely to be lower back pain, sciatica, neck pain or problems with other joints

Chiropractors listen carefully as you explain where your problem is and how is it impacting your life. They ask lots of questions about your general health and lifestyle in order to understand your situation. After this they will perform a physical examination and test the function of the appropriate nerves, muscles and joints in order to diagnose your problem. They will then explain their findings and discuss with you your health goals and options regarding treatment. Chiropractic treatment is likely to include freeing up joints that are stiff and relaxing muscles that have developed tension, in order to improve function and reduce pain. A personalised plan of exercises will also be prescribed to stretch and strengthen involved muscles.

Chiropractors typically treat a wide range of problems such as lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica, problems with your joints and some types of headache. Chiropractic treatment can also help with the pain of knee or hip osteoarthritis, shoulder complaints including rotator cuff problems, elbow pain and plantar fasciitis. They are also trained to be able to identify conditions that need to be seen by other health care practitioners, and will refer you if appropriate.

There are probably more similarities than there are differences. Both are regulated health care professionals who treat similar problems. The differences lie mainly in origin and specific techniques. The most important thing is to find a practitioner who suits you and helps you meet your health goals.

Chiropractors see this type of problem on a regular basis and can provide safe and effective treatment.

This is the most common problem seen in a chiropractic clinic. There are lots of ways that a chiropractor can use their skills to help.

Despite being highly qualified, chiropractors are not registered with the General Medical Council. They are entitled to use the term Dr as a courtesy title.

Ideally, your clothing should be thin, non-textured and allow full movement. This means examination and treatment can usually be performed without the need to remove any of your clothing. You will be offered a gown and a private changing space if this is necessary. Your dignity will be protected at all times

At your initial appointment your chiropractor will take a full medical history, perform a physical examination and assessment, discuss the results and your treatment options with you and formulate a plan of action. Treatment may also be given at this visit if appropriate. The cost for this is £55.
Follow up treatments are £40.

The gentle, non-invasive techniques used by chiropractors are generally very safe. All risks will be discussed with you at the appropriate time.

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