Welcome to East Devon Chiropractic

Local chiropractor Heather Foster has been working in Honiton for more than 10 years and in 2021 established East Devon Chiropractic with a mission to improve the lives of everyone, young or young at heart seeking her help.

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Getting you better together

Your first visit

Your first visit will take up to an hour. Your chiropractor will take details of your complaint and you will be asked about your medical history; including details of your direct relatives (grandparents, parents, siblings and children). Once a full picture of your health has been determined, we will carry out an appropriate physical examination. If you are required to remove clothing, you will be given the privacy to do this and provided with a hospital style gown. You will never be asked to remove any underwear. Once your diagnosis has been explained to you, a bespoke programme of treatment will be recommended. The reasons for this will be outlined but will be based mainly on the length of time you have had your problem, the severity of your complaint, your age, general state of health and your goal. Other treatment options may also be discussed. If you are happy to proceed your path to recovery can begin. The techniques used will also be described in detail. Questions from you are always encouraged.

Our Team

Meet our Chiropractor

Heather is the owner and principal Chiropractor at East Devon Chiropractic.